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A Serious Man, The Breakfast Club, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The First Time, The Great Gatsby, Hugo, Moonrise Kingdom, My Own Private Idaho, Requiem for a Dream, Bates Motel, Freaks and Geeks, Lost, Monk, My Babysitter's a Vampire, Star Trek: TOS, Elle Fanning, Jake Gyllenhaal, and River Phoenix.


2 ivory

A Serious Man:
The Breakfast Club:
the breakfast club 2the breakfast club 1
Donnie Darko:
donnie - 2donnie - 1
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:
7 saturated6 target4 duality2 ivory1 invertedeternal sunshine 5eternal sunshine 4eternal sunshine 3eternal sunshine 2eternal sunshine 17 eternal sunshine
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close:
3 extremely loud incredibly close765432111 also6 character
Fantastic Mr. Fox:
The First Time:
first time - 2first time - 1alt-3
The Great Gatsby:
gatsby - 1
hugo - 4hugo - 3hugo - 2
Moonrise Kingdom:
moonrise kingdom 2
My Own Private Idaho:
my own private idaho 1mopi 1mopi 2mopi 3
Requiem for a Dream:
requiem 5requiem 4requiem 3requiem 1
Bates Motel:
bates - 1
Freaks and Geeks:
f&g - 2f&g - 1
lost - 2lost - 1
monk - 15
My Babysitter's A Vampire:
mbav 25mbav 24mbav 5ambav 1mbav - 1
Star Trek: the Original Series:
tos - 3tos - 2tos - 13
Elle Fanning:
elle fanning 2
Jake Gyllenhaal:
jake gyllenhaal 1
River Phoenix:
river phoenix 3river phoenix 1river 1river 2
Tags: actor: jake gyllenhaal, actor: river phoenix, actress: elle fanning, film: a serious man, film: donnie darko, film: eternal sunshine of the spotless m, film: extremely loud and incredibly clos, film: fantastic mr. fox, film: hugo, film: moonrise kingdom, film: my own private idaho, film: requiem for a dream, film: the breakfast club, film: the first time, film: the great gatsby, television: bates motel, television: freaks and geeks, television: lost, television: monk, television: my babysitter's a vampire, television: star trek

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